Reflections of a YouTube rookie

In light of having just recently created and posted my very first Youtube Video the following blog piece is a reflection of the things I was able to learn from the experience!

Strategy behind the production of my Video was to explore some conflicting arguments that were inspired by the prompt “what potentialities and limitations does online media offer activists attempting to drive social change?”

My strategy behind the creation of my content was to explore ideas with Scholarly research as well as drawing from industry related persons such as journalists or Social Activism Pages as a way to make my Youtube video a presentation that was very balanced in nature. I was able to go into a few points and use examples to further support scholarly examples but found having to limit my examples very challenging!

Strengthening my ability to source a larger Creative Commons to strengthen the impact of my video was a strong goal of mine. Sourcing images and videos to make content more appealing to the eyes is a key component in ensuring the viewer stays as engaged as possible with the content. Practicing the process of locating  Images and Videos online is easy enough however the true task is in locating images that fit legal criteria as well as an aesthetic criteria. Finding photos sharing sites that have high resolution pictures or clips with a range of cc copyright is a very important tool for individuals in many fields but especially for those involved in media and content creation. Through this exercise I was able to locate some really high quality videos and images from Sites I hadn’t previously been aware of and will certainly continue to use them in my future studies. Have a look yourself, you may find some useful content https://videos.pexels.com, https://www.pexels.com


Perfecting the balance of informative and entertaining is a very challenging! I mean we can’t all be Michael Moore!

I had originally planned to film myself talking in front of the camera with images and videos used with the overlay tool in iMovie. However when watching it back it felt very uncomfortable and appeared clear that being in front of a camera was not something I was experienced in!

I am only now appreciating the work and skill of people that make youtube videos look easy! How do they do it?! As this was my first Youtube video the idea of presenting was incredibly daunting.  I tried both a casual approach as well as a more academic and professional approach, the first felt far too relaxed while the alternative approach felt very rigid and awkward to observe. What this particular part of the process revealed to me was the tremendous amount of emotion and presentational skills that are required of a presenter endeavouring to put forth engaging content.

Not all activists are exactly holier-than-thou

Although scholarly research drew from both the associated positives and negatives of digital activism for social change I found myself leaning into the pessimistic ideas towards online social activism. This route was challenging my original perception of Digital media being a purely effective way of reflecting and promoting activism. However the further I went down this path the more some the criticisms resonated with some of my own personal experience of “Hacktivism”. When I looked into the example of politicians and the ice bucket challenge I was reminded of people who I knew that were bullies that would often post anti bullying posts online. By engaging in critical thinking that oppose my preconceived ideas I hope to do the the same for my viewer.

Broader engagement online

The broader engagement online in relation to this unit has been a very rewarding experience. I had spent so much time looking for Pictures I could use and would then feel incredibly grateful and relieved once I found an appropriate photo online. This has since urged me to activate my very own Flickr account and start to upload original content that I have listed under creative commons attribution only as a way to add to the community that assisted me in finding images.


The following links are some examples of my tweets with the unit hashtag and unit related content on twitter.

Tweet about change.org

update on change.org tweet

imovie tweet





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